About me

Maise and me in Nuuk, 2008

This is my personal webspace. Welcome.

I am Jesper Nyerup, husband of Anette and father of Maise, Laura, and Elliot. We all live together in Måløv.

During the day when I’m not at home with my family, I spend my time in Copenhagen doing Unix systems engineering at a local danish web hosting provider. I work with most aspects of the internet, mostly on GNU/Linux systems, doing integration and maintenance as well as development.

I have a few things I like to do in my spare time.

Music, for one. I play a few instruments, though mostly the piano these days. I mainly play for my children, or all by myself to relax. Yes. That works well.

I also enjoy sailing immensely. Sadly, I don’t have a boat to sail, but someday when I get disgustingly wealthy, I’ll get one.