Jesper Nyerup


Jesper Nyerup

Empathic leader and people manager, with integrity, strong technical background, and a talent for getting stuff to work.

Focus on team development through cultural cohesiveness, sensible direction, and building on individual strengths.

Background as unix architect and technician, specializing in low level infrastructure, networking, virtualization, deployment automation, configuration management, continuous integration, and telemetry.

Personal data

Full name Jesper Dahl Nyerup
Date of birth March 26, 1982
Civil status Divorced.
Father of Maise (b. 2006), Laura (b. 2008), and Elliot (b. 2012).
Address Kratvej 43
2760 Måløv
Phone +45 2818 2024
Email <>


Unity: Developer Services Team Lead

Unity’s Developer Services (DS) group oversee, develop, and maintain developer tooling and services catering the worldwide R&D vertical, mainly working on the Unity Engine and Editor.

During my tenure in DS so far, the group has expanded significantly, requiring efforts around scaling processes, renewing rituals, and ensuring and cultivating team cohesiveness. I have been heading up a few different constellations and initiatives, including:

The Release Tooling team, working on:

  • Generally supporting Unity’s Release Mangement team, who have the overall technical responsibility for the quality of Unity’s releases.
  • Automated QA by bisection evaluation of batched changes on all mainline branches in the Unity code base.
  • Deep integration with public and internal issue trackers and quality evaluation systems.
  • Handling artifacts and the mechanics around publishing new public and restricted versions of Unity’s software, and facilitating stable and performant downloads of Unity across the world.

The Source Control (VCS) team, working on:

  • Version control of large code bases – millions of LOC, including NDA code from many different partners, hundreds of thousands of revisions in tens of thousands of branches.
  • Tooling, automation, execution and stakeholder management around converting these code bases from one VCS to another.
  • Automated delivery of curated source code snapshots to partners.

The Build Farm team, working on:

  • Maintaining and developing an in-house built CI product, running >10,000 builds per day.
  • Automating builds and tests of the Unity Engine on a multitude of different OSes, devices, consoles and portable terminals.
  • Migrating the group’s cloud footprint from AWS to GCP, as part of Unity’s strategic partnership with Google.
  • Automating builds of different types of CI worker images. Base Team Lead

The Base team in managed the server infrastructure powering anything from in-house developed web applications to customers’ web sites. This included:

  • Automation of OS deployment and integration with hardware from different vendors.
  • Tailored use of container technology, for OS or application encapsulation.
  • Configuration management spanning different OSes and environments.
  • Telemetry, visualization, ingestion and storage of >100,000 time series data points per second.
  • Monitoring, health checking thousands of servers.
  • Logging, transporting >30,000 documents per second, flow monitoring, indexing in Elastic, storage in Hadoop.
  • VCS, workflow, test, release and distribution management of software packages and configuration management artifacts.
  • Central storage installations, both block and NAS solutions from different vendors.
  • Different facility and networking services, DNS, SMTP, NTP, BGP, firewalling, etc. Systems Engineer

Architectural development and deployment, mainly on GNU/Linux systems. Product development, and end-to-end responsibility for a number of subsystems. Participation in operational watch rotation, supporting offshore operations department.


  • Implementation of new container infrastructure based on Libvirt and Linux Containers.
  • New customer product: SSH and SFTP access to web space data in an isolated, private environment.
  • Introduction of Chef configuration management setup, replacing multiple instances of Puppet and CFEngine.
  • Deployment of PB-size Ceph clusters. Systems Administrator

Operational administration and deployment of various internet services running on GNU/Linux systems in a homogeneous production environment. Managing NAS installations. Data center facility management. Participation in operational watch rotation.


  • Storage virtualization of some hundred TB user data onto HDS storage installations comprising HNAS, AMS and VSP systems.
  • Integration and deployment of Linux VServer based virtualization platform on diskless, stateless host nodes booting from nightly built images.
  • Expansion from two to five data center facilities.

Armada Hosting: Student worker

Now Solido Hosting, part of Sentia.

System administration of GNU/Linux, BSD and Windows servers in a heterogeneous production environment. Tech support. Participation in operational watch rotation.


Advanced Computer Studies, Diploma

Datamatiker AK

CEUS, Nykøbing F., Denmark.

Courses in Computer Science, Software Design, Security, Operating Systems, Network Architecture, etc.

Technical college

Højere Teknisk Eksamen (HTX)

Erhvervsskolen Hamlet, Hillerød.

Not completed.

Danish primary school


Toftehøjskolen, Ølstykke.

Svanholmskolen, Ølstykke.

Voluntary positions

Chairman of the board

Kong Svend Gruppe, Det Danske Spejderkorps

Overall responsibility for the operations and economy of the local scout group, 170-200 members strong.

Rainbow scout

Regnbuespejder, Det Danske Spejderkorps

Helping young people to reflect on gender identity and sexuality. Trying to make sure there's room for anyone, that everyone can be who they are, and love who they want.

Scout leader, board member

Kong Svend Gruppe, Det Danske Spejderkorps

Teaching bushcraft, science, culture, leadership and independence to children aged 6-16.

Board member, treasurer

Skåne-Sjælland Linux User Group

Once the world’s largest Linux User Group, SSLUG has played an active part in facilitating an active Linux and Open Source community in Denmark and Southern Sweden for more than 20 years.