Jesper Dahl Nyerup

Bækholmen 33
2760 Måløv

Phone: +45 2818 2024


You are more than welcome to get in touch with me by email, through <>. I get rather large amounts of email, so I may take a few days to reply. If you wish to ensure swift feedback, I would greatly appreciate if you took your time to read a bit about how to write me email.

If you need to send me encrypted messages, or verify my identity, you are welcome to use my PGP key. I usually sign my emails, especially important ones and to people I’ve never written before.

Instant messaging

I use about a handful of different instant messaging protocols, not all of them on a daily basis. The list below is somewhat prioritized.

  • I use XMPP almost always, whenever I’m online. You are welcome to contact me through

  • I am also available through Skype on a regular basis, usually only for instant messaging and not for calls. My handle is jesper.nyerup.

  • I also use IRC regularly, but not necessarily on a daily basis. I’m nyerup on EFnet, Freenode, and OFTC.